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Safe driving speed

Безопасная скорость вождения / Safe driving / Təhlükəsiz sürət

A common problem for car renters is speeding. «Rent a Car Baku» company ensures that our guests do not violate the rules of the road and maintain a safe speed.

What determines a safe driving speed?

There are many factors affecting safe driving, but the main ones are the driver, car, environment.

We will briefly try to deal with each of the factors:

  1. Driver

Much depends on the driving experience. A driver with experience will always be able to give a sober assessment on the road.

  1. Car

This factor takes into account the presence of ABS and stabilization systems.

Also, you must take into account the workload of the car.

  1. Environment

Here we have in mind: the visibility of traffic at night, in fog, in snowfall. How much can you rate the traffic situation?

These factors can also be supplemented, but the above are the main components. Therefore, «Rent a Car Baku» company warns in advance about speed fines, and also asks not to rush behind the wheel. Our cars and your vigilance on the road are the guarantees of your safety.