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Information about the company’s activities during the quarantine period

Information about the company's activities during the quarantine period / Информация о деятельности компании в период карантина

In order to prevent the wide spread of coronavirus infection in the country and its possible consequences, a special quarantine regime has been introduced in Azerbaijan from 00:00 on March 24.
Under these conditions, the process of functioning of our company has changed significantly:

  1. The company’s activities have completely switched to online mode. Car ordering and customer support are now carried out only through the company’s website.
  2. car registration as well as payment of the deposit and rental cost is made in a place convenient for the client (car delivery is FREE)
  3. regarding car rental in Baku, you can consult with a specialist of our company through WhatsApp or online chat
  4. rental cars are provided ONLY to persons who have received electronic permission to travel within the city on the official portal