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History of car rental

История авто-проката / History of car rental

Joe Saunders is the first entrepreneur to open a car rental business. Joe Sanders, originally from the US state of Nebraska. Joe began his business in 1916. He began to rent his Ford T. It is said that Sanders’ first customer was a local merchant who needed a car to catch a date with a girl. Saunders’ business was growing well, and by 1925 he already had his own car rental branches in 21 states. However, the Great Depression that soon came down sharply reduced the demand for car rental services, and the Saunders company went bankrupt.

Things were more successful with another car rental entrepreneur, Walter L. Jacobs, who opened a car rental company in Chicago at the age of 22 in September 1918. Jacobs started his business with a fleet of 12 Ford-T cars, which he serviced and repaired on his own. By 1923, the company already had annual revenues of $ 1 million and Jacobs sold it to John Hertz, the owner of the transport company.

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